Important tips about tree care

Proper care of the tree results in a healthy tree has a beautiful look. The tree can significantly add to the beauty of the entrance or lawn of your home. As an important part of nature, it is also a contribution towards the good cause of saving this planet from global warming. They are no less than a precious asset. So planting a tree is recommended to all house owners.

Although there is no care required for forest trees but the scenario of the trees planted in home or neighborhoods is different. They require extra care due to their location. Trees of the house should reflect a good aesthetic sense of the house owner by having pruned branches with beautiful configuration.

There are many tips to follow about tree care. Let’s discuss them:

1: Clearance height of the hanging branches and shrubs:

The hanging branches and shrubs of the tree must be pruned to the specified length. According to the rule of thumb, the hanging branches and shrubs should have a clearance of at least 10 feet from the ground. So prune the branches and shrubs accordingly.

2: Competition with the grasses:

There is a strong competition between grasses and tree for the water and nutrients. To lower this competition, mulching is the best solution. Mulching prevents the grasses to grow near the roots of the tree. Hence, the water and nutrients reach the roots of the tree. Organic materials should be used for this mulching.

3: Water is necessary:

The water is the necessary requirement of the plants. The experts recommend that light watering is not a good way to follow. One should go with the option of thorough watering. Thorough watering is done by watering the roots deeply. With this method, the water penetrates more than 10 inches of the soil. Thorough watering could be done only once a week.

4: Fertilization needs:

The soil of the urban areas is not perfect for the plants. There is a need of essential nutrients for the good growth of a tree. You can consult the tree expert of your area and ask him about the fertilizers needed for the tree. Fertilize the soil to ensure the good supply of nutrients to the tree.

5: Removal of the invasive plants:

There are some small plants which are invasive in nature. They feed on the roots of other plants. One such example is English Ivy. Removal of these plants is important to the health of the tree. So remove these plants before they damage the tree.

6: Pruning by certified arborist:

The tree should be pruned by only certified arborist. There are some small technical problems which should be avoided to ensure that the tree is not damaged. Certified arborist has a complete understanding of such problems. So never try to do this task by yourself.
Just keep a certified arborist in contact. Pay him for a regular visit to survey the tree so the problems or diseases can be tackled at the right time.