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Why hire Fort Smith Tree Care?

Tree servicing is an umbrella term that covers a lot of scenarios. Many a times, it involves trimming and pruning the tree with both your feet on the ground. In such cases, perhaps, many among you would feel confident to accomplish the job yourself. However, when it comes to servicing large trees, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional tree servicing firm.

At Fort Smith Tree Care, we have been in the business of tree care and service for several years. Aside from our years of experience, we bring our deep domain expertise and passion for what we do. As professionals, we carry out an exhaustive diligence check before commencing any job with full customer satisfaction being our ultimate goal.

Here is a list of some of the many reasons why can confidently trust us to do the best possible job in servicing your trees.  Continue reading

Important tips about tree care

Proper care of the tree results in a healthy tree has a beautiful look. The tree can significantly add to the beauty of the entrance or lawn of your home. As an important part of nature, it is also a contribution towards the good cause of saving this planet from global warming. They are no less than a precious asset. So planting a tree is recommended to all house owners.

Although there is no care required for forest trees but the scenario of the trees planted in home or neighborhoods is different. They require extra care due to their location. Trees of the house should reflect a good aesthetic sense of the house owner by having pruned branches with beautiful configuration.

There are many tips to follow about tree care. Let’s discuss them:

1: Clearance height of the hanging branches and shrubs:

The hanging branches and shrubs of the tree must be pruned to the specified length. According to the rule of thumb, the hanging branches and shrubs should have a clearance of at least 10 feet from the ground. So prune the branches and shrubs accordingly. Continue reading

Why is it important to use a certified arborist for your local tree service?

What is an arborist and what is his expertise?

An arborist is a tree specialist and he knows all about the tree trimming and removal services. The work of an arborist seems quite simple and the tools are easily available like an axe, chainsaw, and ropes etc. But in reality, the work is quite complicated and involves a good amount of technical knowledge. An arborist is a certified person and he knows how to cut the tree and the measures required before cutting the tree.

Trees of the garden:

Due to the large scale industrialization and construction works, deforestation was done on large scale. The recommended percentage of forest in the area should be 25% of its total area. But the large scale deforestation has affected this percentage badly. The solution to this problem was proposed by the experts that all the people should plant at least one tree in their house and in this way we can increase the percentage of trees. The dynamics and parameters of the forest trees are different. No maintenance is required for them and they can grow to any length and width.

But the parameters of the trees in the residential areas are different. They need proper maintenance to avoid any damage. The extra grown branches and the dead limbs can fall at any time and damage the property or it can be fatal injury too.

Tree services by the certified arborist:

So it is important for the house owners having trees in the house to hire an arborist. The trees must be trimmed regularly. There are many benefits of tree trimming. Some of them are mentioned below:

1: Avoid injuries or damages:

The large sized tree can have some dead branches or limbs which can fall and cause a heavy damage. Anything below the tree can be a victim of this accident. Many fatal injuries have been reported due to these accidents. The certified arborist will remove the dead limbs.

2: Aesthetic sense:

The overgrown branches could ruin the beauty of the tree. Trees in the neighborhood should look beautiful and they must improve the aesthetic look of the house. The trimming will surely improve the look of the trees.

3: Removing the infected part:

The infected part of the tree could spread the infection or disease to the other parts as well. The arborist will remove the infected part to save the healthy parts of the tree.

Which arborist should I hire?

There are many things to check about the arborist. The first and foremost thing is to check the qualification of the arborist. He should be certified and possess a license or permit from the local government organization. Another thing to consider is to check the insurance coverage of the arborist. He should be offering the insurance liability coverage for any damages or losses incurred during the tree removal or cutting process. You can ask the local community to refer the best arborist. Do compare the rates to get the best deal.